For nearly half a century, Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) has served the missionary community worldwide by providing relevant, engaging, thoughtful articles on a vast array of ministry foci—leadership, translation, contextualization, business as mission, member care, length of service, biblical applications, etc. EMQ continues to remain one of the top journals for missiologists, and is for many thought-practitioners, the premier journal for the North American mission community.

Each quarterly issue contains 10-12 articles by mission and church leaders and experienced cross-cultural workers around the world. EMQ is comprised primarily of non-solicited 2,000-3,000-word articles polished through a lengthy editorial process designed to ensure we publish only top-quality articles which will equip and encourage Christian workers around the world. EMQ’s first-rights policy also ensures that the content readers find in EMQ will not be found elsewhere. EMQ is published by the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College and is available online.



Christian leaders and missionaries passionate about the Great Commission around the world equipped and inspired to serve God effectively through both lived and verbal witness.


To provide a credible, comprehensive, Christ-focused resource engaging today’s global settings that will equip and inspire Christian leaders and workers who are passionate about long-term mission.


Christian leaders and long-term missionaries primarily from North America serving God around the world and contributing to His vision for global missions.


  • Credibility. A reliable and trustworthy source for Christian thought-leaders passionate about global mission.
  • Comprehensive. In tune with contemporary mission trends, appropriately handling topics that are relevant to leaders and workers wherever they serve.
  • Christ-focused. Keeps Christ lifted high, always framed in the fact that God is at work through the Global Church’s faithfulness everywhere the Church—and missions—exists.