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News and information comes fast and furious nowadays, as do posts on upcoming conferences. Here we highlight a number of exciting happenings in the global mission community.


Decline in Southern Baptist Numbers via J.D. Payne

This week Baptist Press released the article, “SBC Reports More Churches, Fewer People.” Within hours, secular media outlets were reporting on these findings too.

For those who have been tracking these numbers, this article brought no surprises. And while there is nothing surprising here, as a Southern Baptist, I have many concerns for the tribe I deeply love.

In this episode of Strike the Match, I share some of the findings from this article, offer some general observations, and provide a few missiological concerns.

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Media for Minority Languages

Simon*, OM EAST’s lead graphic designer, recently participated in the Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation (EMDC). The four-day conference brought together 380 workers, from 130 organisations, who produce resources to spread the Gospel in minority languages throughout Eurasia.

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The Final 2,000 Group via Justin Long

My good friend Paul Eshleman (a dear soul with an extreme passion for the lost and unreached peoples of the world) has done an amazing thing with Finishing the Task.

He’s gotten people to grapple with the problem of “getting to 1.”

A lot of people do nothing about the unreached, the unevangelized, the unengaged–the ones who have never heard. Finishing the Task has been about the process of engagement–of making sure that every people group in the world has at least one team.

They’re down to the “final 2,000 people groups.”

That’s a thrilling thing. It provides a sense of closure.

But closure, while thrilling, is also dangerous. Paul would no doubt absolutely be the first to agree with me on this (he has in the past).


What to Do about Short-term Missions via A Life Overseas

Ten ways to do a short term mission trip well. These ideas are for anyone leading or going on a short term mission trip — or for anyone who’s trying to decide whether or not to go on a particular trip.

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Are Egyptian Christians Safe? A Report from Mission Network News

Tension appears to be rising in Egypt under President al-Sisi’s heavy-handed leadership.


SAT-7 Egyptian Director Sees Impact of "Resistance through Forgiveness"

Under the title "Iraqi Girl Myriam Faces ISIS with Love", pan-Arab broadcaster Al Arabiya told how the clip of young refugee Myriam had spread via social media and was impressing ordinary viewers and media commentators.   

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Portrait of Bible Translation | Wycliffe Bible Translators


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