Writer's Guidelines

Writer's Guidelines

A. Scott Moreau, Editor
Gary Corwin, Associate Editor
Laurie Fortunak Nichols, Managing Editor
Marcus Dean, Book Review Editor

What We Are

EMQ (Evangelical Missions Quarterly) is a professional journal serving the worldwide missions community. EMQ articles reflect missionary life, thought, and practice. Each issue includes articles, book reviews, editorials, and letters. Subjects are related to worldwide mission and evangelism efforts and include: successful ministries, practical ideas, new tactics and strategies, trends in world evangelization, church planting and discipleship, health and medicine, literature and media, education and training, relief and development, missionary family life, and much more.

Our Purpose

The purpose of EMQ is to increase the effectiveness of the evangelical missionary enterprise by:

  • providing a forum for communicating new concepts, strategies, and resources
  • reporting, analyzing, and interpreting significant trends in missions
  • encouraging and assisting mission personnel in their personal and professional growth
  • providing a platform for the discussion of important mission issues


About Our Readers

  • They include short-term and career missionaries, mission executives, mission scholars, mission professors, mission students and missionary candidates, mission pastors, lay leaders, and mission supporters.
  • Over half of our readers live and work overseas.
  • They serve with over a hundred different denominations and sending agencies.
  • They are well-educated; two-thirds of them have graduate degrees.
  • They work at hundreds of different missionary ministries, most of them as church planters and teachers.
  • They are most interested in cultural and biblical values, Christianity and culture, church and culture, discipleship processes, evangelism methods, church planting methods, and leadership training methods.
  • They do not see EMQ as a scholarly journal; rather they see it as a very readable, informative, stimulating, and practical publication.
  • Five times as many readers describe EMQ as extremely practical compared to extremely theoretical.


Our Editorial Philosophy

EMQ is open to anyone who has a fresh idea about anything pertaining to world missions. We are not a scholarly journal written for academics, but we do want material that is academically respectable, reflecting careful thought and practical application to missions professionals, and especially working missionaries. We like to see problems not only diagnosed, but solved either by way of illustration or suggestion.

We prefer articles about deeds done, showing the why and the how, claiming not only success but also admitting failure. Principles drawn from one example must be applicable to missions more generally. EMQ does not include articles which have been previously published in journals, books, websites, etc.

Criteria by which We Evaluate Articles

  1. Importance of subject to our readers
  2. Freshness and creativity
  3. Clarity and readability
  4. Development and depth
  5. Support and resources
  6. Convincing arguments
  7. Accuracy and validity
  8. Overall treatment of a subject


How to Submit Articles and Book Reviews

Submit articles to emq@missionexus.org.